Set of cooksknives made for the IXEA exhibition at Limburgs Museum. Based on a find in Romain-en-Provence, these cleavers type Manning 12a have sturdy blades and a long tang. The handles are ash.


Another Manning type 12a cleaver, this time with a ring where blade is inserted in the handle. These have been found on quite a few items, mostly tools that see force applied to them, like coppicing hatchets and cleavers.


Firesteels were an essential part of any soldiers or travelers kit. With the use of a flint and some tinder, like dried fungus, a fire could be made from the sparks struck. The firesteel was of a higher carbon steel in order to spark well, so was a prized possesion.


This cooking tripod comes apart in three pieces. It was found in Germany in a militairy context. It is believed it is collapsable for easy transportation, the parts slot into one another to form a very stable stand for even a large pot. The potrack is presently in use by Ala I Batavorum.