Medical Instruments


A pair of medical pliers. The bottom one is for tooth extraction, the one with the curved beek is ideal for pulling needles to stitch up wounds. Iron was not commonly used in medical instruments, as it was difficult to sterilise in hot water without rusting. So iron is only used in those implenmets which need to be stronger or sharper then bronze, such as scalpel blades, bone saws and extraction pliers, or needed to be heated repeatedly, such as cautery irons.


Cautery iron with a boxwood handle. This tile cautery would have been used to seal profoundly bleeding wounds through applying heat. Cautery irons are sometimes also refered to as "the bloodless knife", as the wound was sealed.

Small ringhandled knife found in a medical context. It is thought to belong to a medicus who practiced dental care, as it was found with a pair of pliers for tooth extraction, among others. The bent shape seems to work well on gums ....