Welcome to the fabrica! Historical blacksmith Robert Wimmers is frequently found in service of the foundation making replica's for re-enactment, educational facilities and international musea. This is why this section of the website is in English. The Fabrica portfolio shows a selection of diverse objects made over time.

The blacksmith was at the hart of pre-industial society, as he made the tools for others craftsmen, farming implements and weapons for hunting and war. There is something magical about drawing shapes from redhot iron pulled from a raging fire in the forge.

Should you want to contact Robert with a question about smithing, please use our contact form and he will be in touch.

Below are some examples of work done for a museum and a film, but browse the pull-down menu of the Fabrica for much more.



This sacrifical knife was made for the permanent exhibition in the Archaeological Parc Cambodunum in Kempten (Allgäu), Germany. The original was very heavily corroded, it consisted of three different types of iron, which was clear from the different degrees of corrosion. The preserved knoblike wooden handle was made from boxwood in this reconstruction, although the original wood has not been analysed.


The originals of this pair of footshackles were found in Bavay, France. The rings interlock to close the shackle. It can then be secured by either a chain or a lock.
These footshackles were use in the production of "The Wooden Sword", a documentary about the life of a gladiator slave captured after the Batavian revolt. They are now a living history display item for a re-enactment group.